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Artist | Professional | Digital Art

►► I am mostly found on Tapastic! ◄◄

I'm the author of the sci-fantasy webcomic Singmire Haze (a sweet sci-fantasy drama in which a derpy elven engineer discovers that his online boyfriend is a changeling stuck in a childish appearance --awkward!) and co-author of Consuming Darkness (a fantasy romance in which a blind priest tries to prevent his student from becoming a most terrible person)

I'm a pretty hardcore fan of The Elder Scrolls (I love the lore, everything to do with Lorkhan, Dwemer technology, necromancy and Mannimarco).
I'm currently watching Star Trek DS9 and having a most amazing RP in this universe with my partner, ZikulArt. Expect to see a lot of Cardassians and Trills in my gallery.


DS9 - A father's concerns
Conservator Nall Rokat is having a pretty rough life. Just a few days after his children were ransomed and nearly killed in a Maquis attack, his two biologic children, Glain and Elem, are taken by the Obsidian Order without notice of if and when they'll be returned to him. To top it all, Gul Dukat doesn't take too kindly that his name might get sullied in a political skirmish between the Rokat and Reyal families... Glain's best friend, Iltarel, is unfortunately not the best at comforting people, and the housekeeper, Keelani, thinks Nall worries over nothing – it's just the Obsidian Order~

Below is the text this illustration comes from, with Nall's discussions with Dukat and Iltarel

DS9 - A Father's ConcernsContext: Conservator Nall Rokat has a long feud with (formerly) Gul Enker Reyal, ever since he drew a confession from Reyal's son that reflected poorly on the father. Gul Reyal attempted to tarnish Nall's reputation as well, by trying to expose that Glain Rokat, Nall's own son, was homosexual. The attempt failed, appearing like squander, causing Gul Reyal to be demoted as Glinn. Ever since this case, Glain swore to completely destroy Reyal, for his peace of mind. When he got the opportunity to go datamining on Bajor, he seized it and came back with the evidence he needed to undo Reyal – if Gul Dukat would testify against him.
Other characters include Iltarel Jarad (Glain's best friend, also an albino), Keelani Dera'an (Nall's housekeeper), and Elem Kel (the bastard child of Nall Rokat and the Betazoid Ywanna Kel).
Co-writen by noxfoxArts and ZikulArt
Nall tried to gussy himself up

DS9 - Iltarel by noxfoxArts DS9 - Glain by noxfoxArts DS9 - Melekor by noxfoxArts
DS9 - Dain sketchdump
As a notator, Sokal's job is to rip a molar from 10-year old children, and sometimes persons who get registered at a later age for various reasons, be they adopted war orphans, halfbreeds or new citizens (sometimes all of those at once). Of course, he also performs complete checks of his patients' identity, biology and reproductive capabilities to assign them to a gender. He loves children, has a sadistic streak and a perfect white smile that can be creepy when paired with his eagerness to pluck teeth out of people's mouths.
He also is bearer of Tovak's syndrome, a genetic mutation that causes an abnormal growth of scales in greater numbers over the body, sharper along the bones, more pointed at the joints and glassier in appearance. Popular belief has those symptoms to be due to excessive levels of testosterone, and people with it are seen as primitive, prone to violence, very sexual, cold and nasty. While it isn't true, the tale can fulfill itself and further the belief. Sokal is a nice person and avoids places where public nudity is required so not to upset people.

“Now, I hope you won’t take me for the sadist, but I guess time has come to remove your molar, and I am sorry to tell you that my superior forbade me to use any anesthetic. The drug we use also helps to loosen the roots, and this imply that I will have to just yank harder until it comes out. It will hurt, it will be bloody and it will certainly be quite unpleasant,” he told, trying to appear sorry but still smiling as if those were actually pretty good news. “If you don’t mind too much, it is probably better for the both of us if I tie you to the chair,” he grinned with enthusiasm. “I promise you that I make it a personal duty to make this moment as pleasant and memorable – it is the moment for you to become a true Cardassian citizen and it should be wonderful.” And it made him feel all the more noble and important. He made people with a clamp – a honorable duty he was ever thankful to be tasked with.

Sokal works mostly at the Bureau of Alien Affairs since his superior, Irimal Sayad, was demoted there. He was the notator of Melekor Kel, whom he registered as Elem Kel and as a female Cardassian (and they started dating bc Elem is a sucker for pain).
Glain Rokat is one of his new colleagues since his father demoted him to be an errand boy for the Bureau.

DS9 - Melekor by noxfoxArts  DS9 - Glain by noxfoxArts
DS9 - Setik

At last, Setik put an end to the session and had him brought to a confinement cell for the night. “Sleep deprivation,” he required.

“Have you even done anything to him?” his colleague gave a dubious look to the Vulcan.

“Not yet. It wasn’t necessary for the moment,” Setik let through a bit of disappointment. “I suppose it gives Ijar some more time to finish my holoprogram,” he squatted to hold and prevent the tiger cub from wandering too much.

“Are you going to keep that pet around with you forever now?” the other squinted. “This place isn’t a zoo.”

“Sometimes it feels like it,” Setik grinned and glanced at the Vulcan on screen. “I read that Vulcans can stay alive without eating for rather long periods of time. No meal for him. I know someone who’ll have better use of it,” he ruffled the cub’s fur before putting a collar around its neck. “Keep the temperature to eighteen degrees for now, and alternate five hours of complete darkness and one hour of flashing lights. Keep me updated on his status.”

That said, he left with his pet.


To call Setik soft-hearted would be an exaggeration, but he certainly has bit of a weakness for animals and many uses for them in an interrogation chamber. After he and Dr Timun Lykes discovered some animals being smuggled to Cardassia, Setik called dibs on interrogating him later – if Timun Lykes had a talent for ending up in detention on DS9 and walking out free of charges, on Cardassia, it had to take a nastier turn. It didn't take 24h before the Obsidian Order put an end to his freedom.
Hi there!
This October, ghostly bills I was completely unaware of are popping from the past and I'm being required by a bailiff to pay the large sum of 705,99€. Quickly, if I want to avoid having to go to the tribunal and paying even more fees. This is the reason of this discount. It won't last more than two weeks!

3pmITM-014a by noxfoxArts
3pmITM-014b by noxfoxArts


What kind of bookshelves would you prefer for Skyrim Extended Books mod

15 deviants said EBMv2PollHomestyle by noxfoxArts
6 deviants said EBMv2Pollnormalstyle by noxfoxArts
5 deviants said EBMv2PollArcaneumstyle by noxfoxArts


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Je suis de retour après une longue absence.. Maintenant j'écris de la poésie tous les jours! Dis-moi si je peux écrire quelque chose ou si tu trouves quelque chose qui te convient :) (Merci pour le Watch) 
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Oh wow,  ça fait longtemps ! Je suis dans les parages (virtuels) de façon assez sporadique pour ma part – un chouillat plus dernièrement, pour stocker mes fanarts de Star Trek, mais sinon je publie mes webcomics sur Tapastic.
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J'espère que ta fin d'année se passe bien, au passage :) Bonnes fêtes à toi & Zikul !
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Aw, ben ça fait une bonne résolution pour la nouvelle année du coup ? xD
Mes meilleurs voeux en retard, du coup ! :D
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downloaded your book mod for skyrim & enjoyed it - will you write any other short stories for it
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Thank you! I actually did write many more books, but didn't get around finishing the v2 of the mod due to the updates of the CK constantly generating new bugs or changing the way certain things must be done in way to function. It's pretty frustrating. Still, all the books can be read here:

Skyrim Extended Books Mod by noxfoxArts

It's of course not the same as reading in-game, but at the moment it's all I have to offer.
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