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The Dishwasher Murders
A woman leaves the corn husks of Iowa for the rainy woods of New Hampshire, a shadow trailing on her heels.
A heart betrayed for a doomed love is a hard thing to swallow and can lead many down that dark and twisted road to revenge.
A dead dog at the door is her welcome home present and a note in the sink of her love's work hints at her most guarded of secrets.
Soon a string of murders point to a horrid conclusion.
How far is she willing to go to save a man who doesn't love her?
And what secrets will she uncover if she tries to stop
The Dishwasher Murders.
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The Pains of Fatherhood
The Pains of Fatherhood
It was day 127 of a very important experiment and Mayuri was putting the final touches on the serum that he hoped would allow him to grow back limbs. He held a dropper of clear liquid over a beaker and carefully squeezed the rubber end of the dropper. A droplet quivered on the end and dropped into the beaker. The liquid in the beaker cleared slightly and as he was about to add another drop a sharp tug on his hakama caused him to empty the contents of the dropper into the beaker. The liquid in the beaker bubbled violently and boiled over the sides and onto his hand. He swore rather loudly as the skin on his hand started to boil and peel.
The beaker smashed to the floor and he turned furious eyes to the person at his side. Nemu looked up at him with huge eyes. He opened his mouth to yell at her but she started speaking before he could vocalize his displeasure.
“I’m bleeding and I can’t stop it. I tried everything and none of it worked. It keeps gett
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Thickening Mayuri: BLEACH :iconfoxfur:foxfur 526 135



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Artist | Professional | Digital Art

►► I am mostly found on Tapastic! ◄◄

I'm the author of the sci-fantasy webcomic Singmire Haze (a sweet sci-fantasy drama in which a derpy elven engineer discovers that his online boyfriend is a changeling stuck in a childish appearance --awkward!) and co-author of Consuming Darkness (a fantasy romance in which a blind priest tries to prevent his student from becoming a most terrible person)

I'm a pretty hardcore fan of The Elder Scrolls (I love the lore, everything to do with Lorkhan, Dwemer technology, necromancy and Mannimarco).
I'm currently watching Star Trek DS9 and having a most amazing RP in this universe with my partner, ZikulArt. Expect to see a lot of Cardassians and Trills in my gallery.



DS9 - A True Cardassian
From left to right: Glain Rokat, Glain Rokat and ...Glain Rokat (age 9). Perks of having a holographic projector and programming skills? You can make your own musical entirely on your own and then make your family guess who’s the real one. Clue: it’s not the child version, picked from an old family record.

Soon, curtains appeared around the stage, offering a hidden path out the room, and some two minutes later, Glain came out. Dressed in dark clothes again, he looked at his audience. “My dearest ones, I have the pleasure to open the stage tonight with a song I hope you’ll enjoy. Father,” he smiled at Nall, “This comes with a special feeling for you and mother.” That said, he clapped his fingers three times and music started to play. Something cheerful and simple, popular and easy to sing and dance along. Swaying on the tune, Glain started to sing.

“I was born in glorious Cardassia, Where the sun is warm and the wind can sing, I am so proud to be here, I am so glad to be here, Life shines in my eyes, My scales glisten like the sea…”

 “But you are not Cardassian!” a voice from behind the curtains sang viciously. It did sound like Glain’s and caused some surprise. “It takes more than a birthplace," it continued, "More than sharpness in the eyes, More than scales and ridges, To call yourself a true Cardassian!" 

“I am so smart and so witty," Glain started singing again in reply, "I am so good at kotra, And I can dance, And I can sing, I'm so graceful and nice, Oh, everybody loves me!" 

“But you are not Cardassian!” the voice accused again, "It takes more than a brain, More than elegance in the moves, More than eloquence in the voice, To call yourself a true Cardassian!" 

“I am lawful and kind,” the dialogue went on, "I never make a mistake, And my records are clean, And my success is at hand, I'm so cooperative, Always eager to help!"

 “But you are not a Cardassian! It takes more than carefulness, More than spotless records, More than achievements, To call yourself a true Cardassian!" 

“Then tell me!” Glain shouted at the curtain. “And make me!” 

“Oh, child, sweetscale, don't you know in your heart?” Another Glain finally came out of the dark, dressed in the black dress tailored by Garak, and wearing eyeliner, dark lipstick and black makeup on the chufa, turning it into a void-like hole with a sparkling white gem in the middle. Terrifying, almost, although the apparition didn’t fail to stir some laugh. He glared at the audience with malice. And the both of them started singing again, in dialogue – this time, the Glain in dress was echoing more cheerfully.

“I love my father, I love my mother, By their love, I live today, For the sleepless nights, For the love and care, For the skills you passed on me, How can I ever thank you enough?" 

“Be a true Cardassian! Your family's true reward, Your joy and your pride, To call yourself a true Cardassian!" 

“I follow the path my parents chose for me, In their wisdom, in their generous hearts, They set it for me, They laid it for me, And gladly I walk it, How I respect my family!" 

“Be a true Cardassian! Your legacy's your career, Your path of success, To call yourself a true Cardassian!" 

“My life I dedicate to the State, Cardassia, you order and I obey, You give me purpose, You give me a meaning, You are my very first love, To give myself to you is no sacrifice!"

 “He's a true Cardassian! He fits in and shines, He represents what he's part of, He calls himself a true Cardassian!"

For the last stanza, a child dressed in white suddenly appeared out of thin air to sing along, and it took only a second for all to realize it was a younger version of Glain.

“Oh, Cardassia, Oh, father, oh, mother! I am your son as you see me, I am your son as you made me, A true Cardassian, A true Cardassian.”

DS9 - Glain - painting by noxfoxArts DS9 - Liyara's Shri-Tal logs by noxfoxArts

DS9 - La vie en rose
Figured I might as well try to use the Pride month to practice something different. The theme associated with Red is Life, which is pretty fitting for a life-loving character like Timun who also happens to live in a pastel pink and blue-greenish world due to being colorblind (I used colors of his visible spectrum: his rainbow is quite different!). He's also very pansexual and poly, but most of all very loyal, loving and his naive optimism is what keeps him going <3
nb: I didn't give him a skintone in favor of coloring the hair and Trill markings but his skin is otherwise dark

DS9 - Troublesome Friends by noxfoxArts  DS9 - Timun by noxfoxArts
Hi everybody,

I wanted to make you aware that I will be less active on dA for several reasons:

1. I don't want to stumble onto ESO-related stuff, I'm physically sick of being taken by surprise all the time and confronted with things I don't want to see. Yes, I am pathetic, no, I'm not capable of getting over it, not right now.

2. I'm still unemployed and I'm so stressed and anxious about it that I'm not even capable of figuring out what to do, nor to apply to any job or course. I'm scattered and unable to make any choice about my future. Good thing is that I have an appointment with a neuropsychologist in june to figure out some stuff.

3. I started a comic with the ridiculous hope that it might get some audience and allow me to earn a little money, if I can get into Primetime program on
Tapastic. Currently I'm putting all of my energy on this, publishing a page each day. It's a lot of work and a huge challenge. If you would like to support me, please subscribe and share the link!

SH 01.1 - Fishing Ships by noxfoxArts
Singmire Haze is the sweet story of an elf marginal and a little changeling, questing for justice and ecology in a techno-fantasy world.

Please check it out!


What kind of bookshelves would you prefer for Skyrim Extended Books mod

15 deviants said EBMv2PollHomestyle by noxfoxArts
6 deviants said EBMv2Pollnormalstyle by noxfoxArts
5 deviants said EBMv2PollArcaneumstyle by noxfoxArts


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